Partnairs' Presentation

Professionals, institutionals and commercials partnairs are essentials to the success of the festival: skills patronage, material help, financial support, communication help.

All these points allowed Croq'Anime to fulfill its goals and to meet public's exceptations during an unique event.

Our association is well-established in its neighbourhood, it is well known by others associations, cultural and social centers.


Its local network has been strenghtened, Croq'Anime can already count on merchants' support in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. They are highlight before each screening and they appeared in trailers made for the occasion.


As well the reputation of the festival enables to welcome famous names from the animation world. They are supporting us by being mentors during this event and proposed a special programmation through their Carte Blanche.


Here is an overview of the personnalities:

- Marc Jousset, Je suis bien content society founder and Persepolis executive productor.

- Pierre CoffinDespicable me director produced by Illumination MacGuff.

- Marguerite AbouetAya de Yopougon screenwriter and director.

- Didier BrunnerLes Armateurs society founder who launches the french animated movie with Kirikou and the sorceress directed by Michel Ocelot invited to the festival.


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