PIAFF is a non-profit association based on the values of sharing part, it's an organization of general interest characterized by culture and socio-educational activities. Because education, solidarity and art are essential to the integration and personal development. PIAFF contributes to them by proposing audacious and innovating action to promote social cohesion through culture.


The festival has become a major event for animation in Paris. It is the foundation of a cultural development by broadcastings the contemporary animation. PIAFF highlights the artists, tries to create a cultural emulation and animates a mixe local network of artistic activities.




  • Share our passion and our expertise and promote social cohesion through the prism of artistic culture.


  • Widely and by all means creating lively contemporary.  



  • Extend the animation to all audiences and all generations.

  • Forming part of the main springboard for organizations emergence of new talent.

  • Being a cultural event must for all.  



  • Highlight the creators of original and innovative animation.

  • Gather the public by creating a cultural emulation.

  • Disseminate information relating to film and multimedia.

  • Develop and coordinate a network of artistic mixture.

  • Create, sustain jobs and train students.  



  • Art is a human and intellectual adventure that travels to freedom of expression. There is no dream that can not be shared  


Values Exchange

  • Transmission

  • Sharing

Animated Cinema - Kezako


The term "animation" refers to any technic known to film frame by frame, short or feature film. More eclectic, this cinema conquered, this past 20 years, adults with more enriched and worked elaborate scenarios, graphic technics.


Above all, the imagination and the pen were released to give life to original, imaginative and full of emotions creations.


The animated film finally finds its pedigree in French cinema and in the International.  


The main technics of animation :  


Cartoon paper: film, acetate or celluloid.  


Manipulation of 2D objects: sand, cut paper, modeling clay, paint.  


Volume animation (3D objects): puppets, clay figurines, objects, pixilation.  


Computer image: digital 2D animation, 3D animation.



Non-exhaustive list of animated films recognized by audiences and critics worldwide:


-Kirikou and the Sorceress directed by Michel Ocelot (2D),


-Wallace and Gromit directed by Nick Park (clay),


-Corpse Bride directed by Tim Burton (puppets),


-Ice Age produced by Dreamworks (3D), 


-Princess Mononoke directed by Hayao Miyazaki,


-Spirited Away directed by Hayao Miyazaki,


-The Triplets of Belleville directed by Sylvain Chomet,


-Persepolis directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Parronaud,


-The Illusionist directed by Sylvain Chomet who received in 2011 the Cesar for Best First Animated Film.